Who are we? We are volunteers, we receive no pay, and give our time 24/7, 365 days a year, to serve and protect you in your time of need. This is who we are, and what we do.

All officers are experienced firefighters and all are medically certified with many years of training and experience in the field. The department includes Firefighters, EMTs, Advanced EMTs and Paramedics,


Jeremy Meyers

Serving since 1992

EMT / Firefighter
Assistant Chief

Tom O'Connor

Serving since 2003

EMT / Firefighter
Deputy Chief, Fire

Korey Cox

Serving since 2002

EMT / Firefighter
Deputy Chief, EMS

Jake Hardiman

Serving since 2015

EMT-P / Firefighter
Captain, Fire

Dillon Willadsen

Serving since 2016

EMT-P / Firefighter
Captain, EMS

Todd Grassman

Serving since 2012

EMT-P / Firefighter
Lieutenant, Fire

Nick Ruis

Serving since 2013

Lieutenant, EMS

Tyler Ettleman

Serving since 2016

EMT / Firefighter

Lewis Township Fire & Rescue serves all of Lewis Township and part of Garner Township, encompassing an area of almost 40 square miles.

The Beginning

Lewis Township Fire & Rescue first originated in Lake Manawa and was named the Manawa Lewis Township Volunteer Fire Department from 1959 to 1969 until they were annexed by the city of Council Bluffs. They then had to park the trucks at peoples homes and when it got really cold they parked the trucks inside Maguires on Hwy 92. In the spring of 1970, a new building was built behind Maguires just to the west until the new station at 19770 Cypress Ave was being built from 1981-1982.

June 15, 1982

Lewis Township Fire Department Water Rescue was called to Emerson Iowa to help rescue and evacuate the Am Track that derailed because of flood waters. The flood waters were so intense we lost our water rescue boat and several members were put in danger and needed rescue themselves.

July 19, 1989

Lewis Township Fire Department was called to Sioux City Iowa for the plane crash of flight 232. We were called for use of our generator.

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