Frequently Asked Questions

Does Lewis Township Fire and Rescue still rent their hall?

No, the hall rental was ceased and the hall converted to a meeting/training room for Firefighter and Emergency Medical Services education and training. Offices were also added for the Officers to conduct business.

Does Lewis Township Fire and Rescue fill swimming pools?

No, due to liability and insurance issues we no longer fill pools.

Do I need to contact Lewis Township Fire and Rescue if I am conducting a controlled burn?

No, please contact the non emergent Dispatch phone 712-328-5737 and provide the Dispatcher with your name, address, phone number and what you are burning, what time you plan to start burning, what time you will cease burning and any other information they may require. If your controlled burn gets out of control please dial 911 immediately and report it.

Can I burn during a burn ban?

No. When a burn ban is in place you will not be allowed to burn under any circumstances.

Who do I contact about scheduling a public relations event with Lewis Township Fire and Rescue?

Please send all inquiries to

How do I join Lewis Township Fire and Rescue?

Download the application, fill out and follow the instructions.

How many calls does Lewis Township Fire and Rescue respond to yearly?

In 2018 we responded to a record setting 428 calls for service.

How big is Lewis Township Fire and Rescue's district?

Covering from the city limits of Council Bluffs east to 240th street, and from Highway 6 to the Pottawattamie County/ Mills County line, we cover approximately 36 square miles.

How can I show support for Lewis Township Fire and Rescue?

From now until May 26th you can visit and order your very own Leis Township Fire and Rescue T shirt! All proceeds will go to the department to replace aging equipment and purchase new equipment that allows us to provide the best services to our community.

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